Home Office Organization

Just about everyone needs a home office or space to review mail, pay bills, make appointments, and schedule correspondence. Good home office organization makes these tasks easier to complete, with less stress and more focus.

Don't rely on sticky notes to organize your office.
Sticky notes are not organizing tools!

Whether it’s a dedicated office space, an extra bedroom, a kitchen nook, or a space carved out of your living room or bedroom, I can help make it work for you.

A Home Office Desk Should Meet the User’s Work Needs

You don’t have to buy a lavish executive desk for your home office. You do need a desk that meets the kind of work you’re doing on it and fits the space you have.

People who need a family-oriented office can select a desk to store papers and records they need to keep on hand. The desk can also provide the all-important “utility drawer” to store essentials like tape, staplers, scissors, stamps, etc.

If your home office is for a business, we’ll discuss how you can streamline your setup. Maybe you need desk space for a second monitor or to reach accessories like a speakerphone or stereo. Or you may need a desk with ports to charge mobile devices you frequently use in your work like smartphones and tablets.

You might not really need a desk at all! Some people can carve out space on their kitchen breakfast bar.

A Home Office Filing System That Meets Your Needs

I’ll assess what you need to file or toss, and create a filing system that works for you.

Self-employed people or those who freelance usually need a well-organized filing system to track expenses and income. In some cases, desks with file-sized drawers fit the bill, while separate filing cabinets may work in other situations.

There is no single filing system that fits everyone’s needs.

Most parents need a place to keep items from their children’s backpacks. Permission slips, medical forms, and extracurricular schedules need to be stored in a single place until parents are ready to address and take action on them.

I’ll also teach you paper management skills. This includes setting a routine to address and file items like bills and receipts, and maintain a family calendar that lists everyone’s schedule.

I think you will be amazed at how home office organization can really change your approach and attitude toward whatever kind of work you do in your home office space. Fill out the contact form on this page for a free 30-minute consultation on how I can help transform your home office into a high-functioning system!

Home Office Before…

home-office-before Click to see larger image.

The Problem:

  • No filing system
  • No process for managing mail

Home Office After!

Click to see larger image.
Click to see larger image.

The Solution:

  • Set up file system
  • Developed mail processing routine and procedures