Downsizing Your Home

2018-01-25 General, Relocation, Senior Moves

Downsizing to smaller homes is not just for the empty nesters or retirees. Everyone is feeling the crunch to make do with less space and things. When you move to a smaller space, you will have to get rid of furniture and lots of stuff to avoid that cluttered feeling. Don’t succumb to the temptation to get a storage space. Months and years later you will find that you never did use those items.

Access your true needs – what do you need today – not something you hope to use at some undetermined time in the future. Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself those hard questions like “when am I truly going to start using that dusty exercise bike? or can I get rid of it to make more space. The rule of thumb I like to use is – if you have not used it in a year – chances are you won’t, so eliminate it and move on.

Some of the ways to eliminate that excess are:
• Have a Yard Sale or Estate Sale
• List large items like furniture or appliances on Craig’s List
• Sell your old albums, figurines, collectibles on Ebay
• Sell your designer clothes, purses, shoes at consignment shops
• Sell your books, movies, games and CD’s at used books stores like Half Priced Books
• Donate to family and friends
• Recycle items like eyeglasses to organizations like Lion’s club
• Recycle old computers, wires/cables, TV’s, printers like Global Electronic Recycling or your local recycling center
• Donate to your favorite school or charity
• Use a professional to load and haul away your large items – try Rubbish Works