Creating Systems to Simplify Your Life

Organizing by Doreen is a professional organizing service that will help you get control over the space you have and determine what to keep, what to donate/recycle/give-away, and what to toss. I work with you to create customized solutions that address your needs and goals. Together we will find the right balance of chaos and organization that works for you.

I take special pride in helping seniors move and transition to senior communities. I work with several local communities to help their new residents settle in. These transitions can be particularly challenging for families as well as the one moving.

If you’re relocating to Scottsdale or another part of the valley, I’ll help make this the best move of your life.

Services we provide…

  • Senior moves
  • Relocation
  • Downsizing
  • Organizing closets, bathrooms, home offices, and garages

A FEW examples…